It was a 'last minute' decision of flying to Alaska to see the Northern Lights. We almost gave up on finding a place to stay and found this place by clicking this location on the Google map. The response was fast from email which gave me and my friends a lot of relief. Pat was very friendly and concerned with our journey from Anchorage to Fairbanks and gave us useful advise on our journey. The place was decent and comfortable. Felt like a typical home. We cooked our own food for all meals throughout the trip for a couple of days which helped with our budget. Kitchen is complete with pots and pans but need to buy your own groceries at Fred Meyer or Safeway nearby. We could see the Aurora from the house but driving deeper into darkness which is nearby this area would be helpful to get a better camera shot.
Kim March 2016

Had two acquaintances who stayed with Pat for some days both before and after heading out on an epic wilderness trip. Pat allowed them to spread their gear out, provided helpful suggestions on where to purchase stuff, gave them rides--in short, provided the kind of service that a Norwegian and South African needed when they first arrived in Alaska. When their expedition started to go bad, Pat fielded their SAT phone calls and made arrangements for a pilot to drop off replacement fishing gear, maps and extra food and made sure it got to them safely. She even made sure they were delivered several kilos of chocolate. Unfortunately, the guys' trip did go bad, and one of the men fell to his death. Pat followed up, welcomed the sole survivor back at the B&B, making sure he had some support before heading back to his home country. Pat is a real Alaskan, living in Fairbanks 24/7.

We stayed with Pat for the last 4 days. It was wonderful staying with her. She cooked breakfast for us, and gave us whatever we wanted. She clothed us so we can watch the Northern lights from outside without freezing to death. She was great. I felt that we added her as part of an extended family.
Alan Negin - Virginia

Just got transferred to Fairbanks because of the Army. I needed a house for my family to stay at. I did have to pay the full per rate what the Army paid me but that was ok because I got the money back. Had a lot of room for the kids to play, and the owner was great at helping us learn the town and to find things we needed for the house. Stayed May 2014, traveled with family

We stayed at Pat's place awhile back and the rooms were comfortable and clean. She was very helpful as we needed directions and suggestions where to go. I would stay again if visiting Fairbanks.
Diane - Alaska

Good location, reasonable prices (for Alaska), friendly atmosphere.
Ernie - Colorado

If you make it to Fairbanks, Alaska, please say hello to Pat at the AAAA Care Bed and Breakfast.  They are fabulous hosts!

It was just like staying at home. There is a feeling of belonging and a "help yourself" attitude. It was kitchy and homey. Pat is a great hostess and the other guests that were there when we were there were friendly. Pat makes a great breakfast.
At the time we were there Pat had taken in some people who were flooded out of their homes. She went out of her way to help and provide a safe comfortable place for everyone to stay.
Seppie - Missouri

We chose to stay at this bed and breakfast because of its very convenient location. Pat opens the doors to her guests and you can literally make yourself at home. And it was like staying at my mom's place....
Jim - Florida

So.  You picked up a book about the Northern Lights.  Fantastic.  Truely, verifiably, indubitably fantastic.  But, like me, you will probably have to begin at the beginning as the lights are just a bit further north than the majority of human habitation.

As for me, I am not a snow bird.  I have never felt the bite of a sub-zero climate.   I nearly hyperventilated laughing and crying when my favorite travel buddy suggested we head north to see the lights.

In the dead of winter.

To Alaska, feared and renowned at once for extremes in beauty and seasons.

How absurd!  Not me!  Give me a coffee table book, thank you very much!  Not a year later my giggles expressed a nervous exhiliration as I donned my newly purchased arctic gear a week before my departure and ended up with a heat headache.

Now, a few short days after landing in Fairbanks, Alaska, I have re-packed my arctic gear.  I'm sending it back to the manufacturer because if I wear it I'll pass out from heat exhaustion.  So far, it's only gone 40 degrees below zero.  Frigid enough to be sure, but not cold enough to warrant more than three pairs of fleece pants, three pairs of socks with toe warmer inserts, three warm shirts, and a fluffy down jacket with deep pockets for multiple mittens.

It takes twenty minutes to get dressed here, and by that I mean simply pulling on all the layers.  But the process lends itself to a patient, unhurried, relaxed vacation.  Many, many, many uncounted hours are spent getting out of bed and mentally preparing oneself for the next few hours before sunset.  Here, sunrise and sunset occur within four hours of each other.  Yet, the daylight hours are insignificant.  One can sleep right through them with little effort.

We came to see the Northern Lights and for that we needed darkness.  One early evening, fleeing the urban glow, a thin thread of green in a seam between spheres appeared just ahead where the car carreened down an icy highway silent and serene.   A patch of snow.  A horizon frayed by pine.  A modest beginning.  The soaring, spinning, spurting, surging, sailing, and singing of Nature's most intense display had yet to take on it's full glory.  Our hunt had been rewarded in a most spectacular fashion.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I say the world is worth a thousand pictures.  Enjoy this book, let it inspire you and amaze you.  But more than that, let it lead you on adventures and photographic hunts of your own!

Your fellow world traveler,
Jennifer Jean Hobbs

P.S. If you make it to Fairbanks, Alaska, please say hello to Pat Obrist at the 4A Care Rentals and Ronnie and Shirley Franklin at the Chatanika Lodge.  They are fabulous hosts!

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